TCS New York City Marathon 2021

New York City - Sunday, November 7, 2021

The 2021 TCS New York City marathon is on!! 

Runners for Cancer Warriors — WE NEED YOU!

Our organization awards ‘Life Interrupted Grants™’ for young adults battling rare cancers, funds innovative research for SCCC and delivers HOPE comfort bags to oncology suites. We believe ALL Cancers Matter and are shining a light on a quiet demographic, as young adults have a unique genetic makeup of cancer. As an all volunteer foundation, your support means the world to us and the patients.

Don’t you want to join us for the TCS New York City Marathon’s 50th celebration and be a part of it all? It’s going to be EPIC!

Are you running VIRTUAL with TCS? Already registered? JOIN OUR SQUAD!! 

Runners for Warriors please join our team! No minimum required, BUT we will create an incentive package just for you with a minimum of $500 fundraising.

Ally’s words resonate with us still today, “In order to go through this, you need to have HOPE.”

Won’t you lend a supportive hand to give hope? ALL CANCERS MATTER.


• A guaranteed entry and paid registration upon fundraising a minimum of $2,800 for AWF.

• Your own fundraising platform and url on haku.

• An AWF race shirt, along with a duffel bag and more swag!

• A gratitude luncheon on marathon weekend.

• Personalized training with Runcoach.

• A chance to be a hero to a young adult battling cancer and bring HOPE .

ALREADY have an entry? We want YOU, too! Join the #AWFSQUAD and there is no fundraise minimum! But, you can get perks with the more money you raise.

Click the REGISTER NOW link to Run for a Cause and Get the Applause! (This does not guarantee entry.)

YOU will truly be making a difference! Contact today.
Thank you!

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